Coupon Codes & Sales

What are Coupon Codes?What are Coupon Deals?How do I search for Coupons?Why do some Coupons not work?How do I get the deal I find?How do I flag a deal as dead if it is no longer valid?How do I get notified about new coupons?How do I save a Coupon as a favourite?

Submitting Coupons or Products to

How do I submit a coupon?How do I submit a product?When will I see the coupon I have submitted?Can I submit coupon codes for new stores?

Managing Your Account

How do I login or sign up?How do I edit my personal information?What should I do if I forget my password?I forgot the email address I used to sign up! What should I do?

Brilliant Products

What are Brilliant Products?How do I search for Products?How do I get the product?How can I find the most popular Brilliant Products?How can I find descriptions about Brilliant Products?How do I save Products to favourite list? Community

What is Community?How do I sign up for the Savelex Community?How do I create and edit my User Profile?How do I change my password? Subscriptions

Why should I sign up for Newsletters?How to sign up for your Newsletter?

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